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  • Please arrive at the exact time your appointment is booked for, no earlier, no later. If you arrive early, you will need to wait outside until we are able to let you in. This is to ensure there are not multiple patients in the clinic at once.

  • When we let you in, you will be checked in, screened and temperature checked by our reception team to ensure that you are not at risk of Covid-19 or experiencing any symptoms. Should you present a high temperature, we will postpone your appointment and refer you to get tested.

  • Please attend your appointment alone. If you bring anyone with you they will not be allowed to enter the clinic. There will be a chaperone present with you from the moment you enter, to when you leave.

  • When you come in you will not touch any surfaces apart from the hand sanitiser. You will be required to  wash your hands as soon as you enter the clinical room and again before you leave.

  • The chaperone will take you through to the waiting area which has been marked out to comply with social distancing, where you will be called in for your appointment. The chaperone will bring you into the doctor’s room, opening and closing the door for you. During your appointment we will adhere to the maximum possible safety and cleanliness measures to ensure patient safety.

  • When checking out, please use contactless payment if possible, and sanitise your hands again before your chaperone opens the door for you to leave.

  • Please arrive for your appointment (if it is regarding your face or skin) with zero makeup on. This is to ensure that our staff will not need to have contact with you to remove your makeup for an assessment. 



  • We have employed the services of a specialist cleaning company, who will be working every day before the clinic opens. They will be using ultra low volume fogging machines to ensure that all potentially contaminated areas are sprayed with a chemical sanitiser each morning. This is achieved through using large volumes of air at low pressures to transform disinfectant liquid into droplets that be dispersed over large areas. The latter will help to miniseries the risk of microbial transfer. 

  • All surfaces, rooms, waiting area seats, doors, floors and anywhere the patient is in contact with will be thoroughly cleaned between each clients’ appointments, hence the time gap we are leaving between them.

  • Any apparatus used during treatments at DrMediSpa are one-use only and disposable, so there is no risk of contamination through anything used during your procedure. 



  • All of our staff members have completed extensive online COVID healthcare training to the same level that is being provided in the NHS. All staff working in the clinic will be equipped with full PPE, visors, masks, and gowns. During your appointment, you will see the doctor and one nurse will also be present, who will be your chaperone from when you enter the clinic, to when you leave. They will open doors for you (we kindly ask you to not open or touch any doors yourself as they will do this for you), and the chaperone will be thoroughly sanitising the area’s that you are in.

  • Our reception area has been re-designed with glass protection installed between the secretaries and the patient, to avoid direct contact with our staff when you are checking out. 

  • If you have a latex allergy, you must inform our reception team before arriving for your appointment so we can adhere to this when putting on PPE.



  • There will be gaps in-between seeing each patient so we have enough time to thoroughly attend to the cleanliness and safety protocols in-between appointments.

  • Patients must wait outside until a chaperone opens the door for them to enter the clinic at their exact appointment time.

  • Patients should bring no one with them to their appointment, they can not enter the clinic with you.

  • Patients must adhere to the social distancing measures installed in the waiting area.

  • Patients must not touch any doors or door handles, the chaperone will do this for you.

  • If possible, please use contactless payment to avoid direct contact.

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